Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and the minimisation of our environmental impact as a company is at the core of our values. StreetSTRONG has committed to becoming a carbon neutral company, as well as holding a sustainable certification in environmental system management.

Upgrading and re-purposing surfaces that already exist is the first step in our contribution towards a more sustainable planet. We aim to prolong the life cycle of surfaces with rejuvenation rather than removal, which can also provide significant cost savings for the client over time. 

StreetPrint™ can be installed on existing asphalt, depending on its condition, by re-heating the surface and applying a stencil, followed by an application of a coloured StreetBond™ textured coating. This process can be repeated time after time to continually renew the surface.

By applying StreetBond™ coatings the surfaces remain in good condition for longer and require less upkeep over time. StreetBond™ has a very low volatile organic content (VOC) with UV stable pigments that are fade resistant when exposed to harsh sunlight.

Some of the positive impacts of prolonging the lifespan of pavements include decreased waste and waste removal; shorter installation process, leading to a reduction in stationary vehicles and operating machinery on the roadside; and reduced dust, noise and pollution released into the atmosphere.

StreetBondSR™ is another, specific type of StreetBond™ coating. Its solar reflective characteristics reduce the Urban Heat Island effect by minimising the amount of solar energy absorbed by asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces. By using hardscape materials with high solar reflectance, high temperatures in urbanised areas can be reduced, thus creating safer and more liveable spaces for the community. Read more about the Urban Heat Island effect here on our website. 

Additionally, StreetBondSR™ is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Compliant Coating and can contribute to project LEED credits.  

We are also proud to partner with innovative asphalt laying contractors who use sustainable products and have a reduced carbon footprint. One example of this is TonerPave™, a new asphalt which uses a high-percentage of recycled material. 

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We recognise the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.